“Cinematographic” Photographer Vipul Amar captures real life emotions and feeling through his lens……… Vipul Amar’s core profession was never Photography. For years now, he has been a leading industrialist specializing in food ingredients used in FMCG food sector in Europe, Japan & US. Since early years-Fine Arts, Theatre, Music, Culinary Arts had been an integral part of Vipul’s Life. To quote his words “without these, somewhere; I would feel a lack of life! Creative Life which seemed to have been lost someplace in all these years of arduous Business, “However, during his business trips his permanent travel companion would always be a ‘camera’. The Camera which was now, in his busy schedule-the only source of creativity he could manage. Personal issuse brought him to Mumbai in 2007. Photography to Vipul has been synonyms to passion. According to Vipul his closest friends – Saahil and Harsheen became the major catalysts in him pursuing his passion for photography and spiraling it into a second profession. They become his first models and his chief critics at same time. Photography for Vipul has been a remarkable journey. He avoids plastic work & mad up shoot scenarios & whole – heartedly welcomes concepts where emotions are the real protagonist. Today Vipul Amar has an elaborate portfolio from modeling shoots, celebrity work to Magazine prints. Vipul Amar’s photographs are all about storytelling. He pens these stories with lights and shadows. Vipul belives in the expression of one’s self. For him there are no poses and no attitudes which make a model look good. He says “I believe in the fact that – ‘being yourself makes the photograph true to you.’ He further adds, “We all are creation of the light of the goodness & the darkness of the evil and that is what my inspiration is……….”