When I think of images and photography, the first name that comes to my mind is Vipul Amar… Not because he is a photographer, but because of his acumen to capture a full world of completely different and vivid perspective in one single image of a person, or even an object… You will see a different story each time for each person or object that he captures in his frame… The man you can definitely trust to make you look the best in his photos…. I believe this energy and acumen comes from the fact that he is an extremely passionate and honest individual and a great friend to those who know him closely…

Vidhyadhar Bhave
Vidhyadhar BhaveMusic Director and Singer

We walk through different paths in life, and on my journey I met Vips who seemed to be walking through it too…making a difference in people’s lives and giving hope for the future with his passion…capturing moments that we live ..magnifying them and saving it forever…an interesting and pure soul, someone you meet and always remember I love the way he has his own way of doing things- very impressed with the photography!!

Shivangini Rana
Shivangini RanaModel Actress in Indian Film Industry

Mr Vipul Amar – well I used to think I am unique; and then, I met Him. Truly a gem of a person, blessed with so many talents. He does his own and follows his mind and his work is breath-taking.He very beautifully showcased my passion and hard work in a way that it made my heart miss a beat. Every time I meet him I’m filled with more motivation and power than before.

Nikhil Nagpal
Nikhil NagpalModel , Actor and Asst Director in Indian Film Industry

Vipul Amar is like a morning-glory. A poet writes, ‘Only God can make a tree,’ – similarly Vipul’s passion and the beauty of his photographs are eternal. They provide an escape into a magical world just like one would feel while observing the wonders of nature. Vipul’s photographs are a source of strength by leaving their impression upon the soul. Each photograph taken by Vipul has a life of its own, it is so real that one gets immersed in it. His photographs are so powerful and hold a meaningful answer of being eternal through centuries, ages, and lifetimes. His photographs are truly divine. His photographs are simple, and child-like reminding us of what the true human spirit is.

Mr Adiya BanerjeeCreative Director

Vipul Amar’s lust for life is made evident by his drive to do what it takes to be able to master his passion. To see the amount of effort and energy he puts into each shoot that he undertakes is inconceivable. His forte is play of lights and shadows, which makes his pictures look like reflections in the mirror. His photographs have a soul, which he brings out by capturing the true character of his model. If you were to meet him you would see that no matter where he is and what he is doing, somewhere, his eyes are constantly searching for how the lights and shadows are dancing around. Vipul Amar truly knows how to enchant.

Harsheen Arora
Harsheen AroraCreative Director & Chief Co-ordinater

The experience of shooting pictures with Vipul and Harsheen has been like making new friends, with them… and with myself. The moments captured have been a discovery for me about myself, about feelings I have that I didn’t know how to describe in words. Each image speaks like a conversation portraying true heartfelt emotion, no posing, no makeup… just a day very well spent conversing with the lens, giving me reflections of my true spirit. Thank you Vipul and Harsheen, most fun shoot I’v done yet Keep up the brilliant work, always follow your heart like you have been doing so far. Your honesty and passion for what you’re doing comes through in your work

Cabir Maira
Cabir Maira Actor/Sound Engineer